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Lilith Dark #3 is an all-ages, fantasy adventure, full color, 24-page, four-issue limited series written and illustrated by Charles C. Dowd. Published by Alterna Comics.

After following a kitten into an old tree, Lilith Dark finds herself in a strange underground world of beasties, spiders, and other strange creatures! Armed and aided by her odd sidekick, Lilith is ready to whomp some beastie butt, but her brother and big sister have other ideas. Can Lilith and her siblings escape the creepy creatures in this strange subterranean realm? Or will Lilith have to take matters into her capable hands and defeat the dastardly adversaries on her own?!

Charles C. Dowd delivers a fun, action filled comic with a great leading character! Lilith Dark is a tough, fearless little girl up for anything that comes her way. The perfect strong lead for any adventure story! She is written and illustrated as a believable little girl full of wonder and an active imagination. The supporting characters all lend complementary perspectives on the situations Lilith faces that help ground Lilith firmly in her fantastic world while also reinforcing the child like qualities that make Lilith Dark such an enjoyable character and fun comic!

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