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The Legend of Pinky

The Legend of Pinky: Book I and is a full color, 50-page, crime noir period comic written and illustrated by Craig Johnson II.

Travel back to the 1920’s New York when organized gangs ruled the streets, speakeasies offered relief to the thirsty, and bullets rained down in barrages! In this world of yesteryear one undisciplined, fun-loving, gangster navigates old-time friendships, racial sensitivities, union rights, and criminal loyalties as he gets by, by living on his own terms!

Craig does an excellent job of telling this period piece in the language of the times. The characters all come off as authentic and fully grounded in their 1920’s settings. The writing captures attitudes and a way of life lost to history while building a solid story about the people of the time and their challenges. The art is rendered in a rough, sketchy style that conveys the harshness of the characters and their surroundings. Craig balances the sketchy line work perfectly with a limited palette of pale colors that effectively emphasize the drama and action through spot colors and contrasts that make the pages pop!

Step into Pinky’s world at and and find more from Craig’s art at and follow on Twitter @craigjtwo and you can visit Pinky at

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