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From Annie Koyama (via Facebook):

After buying their comics and then getting to know both Kevin Czap and L. Nichols separately at various shows, I was delighted when they launched the Ley Lines series together. They introduced and continue to introduce artists to me via the series, which is always wonderful.
After a while I offered to cover the printing fee as well as kick in towards paying the artists (which they already did). A few years in, the work in that series remains very good and gives a voice to some of the less commercial work done in comics. The fact that they used Issue Press to print the series was icing on the cake. I’m very proud to continue to support Kevin and L. in this manner. Please subscribe or check out the series.
‘Koyama Press has been crucial to us continuing the Ley Lines series, which intends to bridge the gap separating comics and other art forms. Each year, we give four very different cartoonists free rein to make personal work from their choice of artistic inspiration. This grant allows us to pay those cartoonists for their amazing work, to print with the meticulous Issue Press, and to pay ourselves a bit for our efforts. L Nichols and I have been totally blown away by the work Ley Lines has generated, and every season we’re always trying to cast a wider net of artists to showcase. Koyama Press’ support is especially important this pandemic year of no conventions and postal misery, offering us a sense of validation and stability for a project, which already is somewhat unpredictable by design.’ — Kevin Czap
Ley Lines is a quarterly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us. Co-published by Grindstone Comics and Czap Books. Check out their website here:
Grindstone Comics is run by L. Nichols. Our goals are to promote the comics we want to see more of. Check out L.’s website here: lnicholsart.comand follow him on Twitter and Instagram here: @wormulus.
Czap Books is a comics micro-press operating out of Providence, RI. Led by cartoonist Kevin Czap, our goal is to nurture and support a growing family of artists. Check out their website here: and follow them on Twitter and Instagram here: @czapbooks.

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