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Here’s a treat for Halloween, KNUCKLEHEADS No. 1 a 32-page, black and white, digest size, humor comix written and illustrated by Everett Gee. Published by Fluke Publishing.

This ADULT humor comic is a collection of funny stories featuring a zit faced, one toothed guy named Rolow: a naked, square headed, bottle-cap pasties wearing chick named Hester; and a hairless rat named Panko! How’s that for a cast of characters! The comix opens with a vibrator throwing incident, and then quickly jumps right in to a slew of rude and crude vignettes dealing with making soup, popping a zits, Panko the Rat killing cartoon characters, diapers for crack addicts, and a bunch more stuff!

The stories and art in KNUCKLEHEADS is the meat and potatoes of underground comix! Uncouth vulgarities spilling from page to page in all their highly detailed black and white beauty! I love this stuff! You can see some samples and pick up this tasty treat for yourself at and visit Everett Gee Happy Halloween you Comix Creeps!

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