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Killbuck is a 96-page, 2 color, digest size, graphic novel created by Sean Knickerbocker and published by One Percent Press.

A group of kids nearing the end of their compulsory academic lives struggle to figure out what’s next as they wrestle with the tedium of living in impoverished rural America. Friendships are tested and relationships redefined in this coming-of-age tale set against the bleak background of youthful restlessness and boredom.

Sean sets his story Killbuck in winter and limits his colors to shades of blue and gray. The leafless, cold, and barren landscape populated by sparse figures bundled in coats effectively communicates a feeling of desolation. The characters are fully developed and the dialogue between them is believable and maintains a natural flow. The art sustains an element of detachment through the use of pale colors and simplified line work. The end result is a visually embracing story that pulls you into a world that is authentic and easy to relate to.

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