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My mailbox surprised me with a book called “New Genre | Jeff Zenick 2020.” I had been seeing glimpses of some beautiful line work Jeff was putting up on Twitter, but I was sad to watch them flow down the stream of my newsfeed, possibly never to be seen again. That’s how good these drawings are, and I was delighted to see that I now own a collection of them in this volume. Zenick has a way of finding patterns in the chaos of nature that just look beautiful. His linework is full of variation as if his drawings are a gathering of marks that he enjoys making to form a bigger image. The written work in this book consists of 3 parts: 1) An explanation of where his outdoor sketches were done and the people he was with when he did them 2) A collection of sayings and things he’s heard called “Words from the Collective Unconscious” and 3) A piece called “Some of the Reasons Why” which is part autobiographical and part meditation of the faces he was drawing. The end of the book is indeed a collection of portraits that Zenick compiled here along with some of his doodles. A combination of 3 kinds of drawings along with 3 written pieces (all beautifully hand-lettered in Zenick’s quiet uppercase lettering … the only “all caps” lettering that seems to whisper) make for quite a nice volume, all saddle stitched in an 8.5 x 7” format. 40 pages. Black and white.

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