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Old pal Jeff Wood kindly sent me this recent issue of the long-running “funny animal”/anthropomorphic/furry APA. It began sometime in the ’80s (or maybe slightly earlier) and is still going strong!

This mailing’s got contributions from Charles Brubaker, Jerry Collins, Kjartan Arnorsson, Edd Vick, Kurt Wilcken, Steven Scharff, J.W. Kennedy, Matt McAndrews, Michael J. Susko, Charles Garofalo, Robert Alley, Ken Marcin, Mark Moore, Michael Pena, Simon Barber, David Bliss, Melody Rondeau, Joy Riddle (who we lost in 2019), William Earl Haskell, Kristin Fontaine, Scott Rodrigues, Jeffrey H. Wood, plus some other art by J.P. Morgan, Mike Sagara and others.

If this is your bag, contact current editor Edd Vick for more info!

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