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Relatively recent releases from Henry and Fafá Jaepelt include: Discos (a comics anthology about music and records both real and imagined), Catzine #4 (you guessed it, a cat-centric comics anthology), Encrucijada #2 (comics and art from Latin America), and two issues of Aventuras do Pierre (a cat comic by Fafá). I’ve been a fan of Henry’s for years and it’s always a treat to see his work but there’s also lots of good stuff here from Fafá, of course, and a number of other artists from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and elsewhere (including Puerto Rico). Note that the text is mostly in Portuguese and Spanish but don’t let that stop you from checking them out.

Henry Jaepelt
Caixa Postal 249
89120.970 Timbó, SC

Source: In the mailbox: comics from Henry Jaepelt – Blog – The Poopsheet Foundation

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