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Zooy #1

Full color current age-sized comic book by Larry Johnson. The story is 31 pages. Larry has been drawing Zooy since he was a kid, and has rebooted the character with this new storyline. To me, this story titled “the Perfect Servant” felt like a William Hartnell-era Doctor Who episode without a doctor/father central figure. Zooy is a child-like “mutated earthman” character who is motivated to look out for his friends, and with their help, saves his community from a diabolical plot. I enjoyed watching how things unfolded. The style feels dreamlike without being surreal.

To get this book and others by Larry Johnson,

It’s pretty simple to get a comic from Larry. Simply paypal him the money and indicate the comic on his site that you want. His paypal user is LewBrown1 at verizon DOTnet


Black and white interior with cull color covers (and full color inside front cover) magazine-sized comic book by Adam Yeater. The story is 17 pages. True to Adam’s style, here is a wordless story that is easy to follow. I wanted to check out this one-shot because it’s completely separate from Adam’s epic World of Knonx and Blood Desert worlds. Essentially it feels like a story about shared pain, but I won’t say more than that. It’s a good story for our time when so many people right now feel alone in their pain and are unable to empathize or feel comfort in the shared understanding of the pains of others. Keep in mind that this is my takeaway, but not my interpretation of the story. I’m trying to avoid disclosing specifics since the story is best enjoyed by turning the pages without knowing what you’re getting into. Get this comic!

P.S., it’s not guaranteed, but Adam often sends other goodies with his comics when you purchase them. I received several giant stickers.

Freaky Magazine – #Sick Sick Six

Another romping party through the land of freaky. I’m enjoying this throw-back magazine when comics were about trying to freak you out and drive you mad. There’s also a bit of the spirit of Highlights magazine in it, but not for kids (but would definitely get many snorts from 2’nd graders, I’m sure. “Brap! Poot”). Monsters and gross humor galor. The opener and closer by Cam Hayden was superb. What’s not revealed under the diner’s table is more disgusting than anything that’s actually revealed in this issue. Brandon Hicks helps us understand the parallels of hall monitors and real cops. Ah, the human condition. There are some great limericks by Billy McKay. I think the first “laugh out loud” moment in the magazine for me came on page 33, thanks to Donut Man. Nik Ceasar throws all sorts of stones into the joke pond in his Mosquito and Spider series just to see what happens, and this one panel did a nice “ker-bloosh” for me. Also, I don’t know why, but I’m kind of into the “freaky flags.” Thanks for including all of them, Slow Poisoner. They remind me of my Toronto Blue Jays flag I had hanging in my bedroom when I was a kid in St. Louis, Missouri. “Why a Blue Jays flag?” All my friends would ask. “Because I like the bird,” I would say. Get some Freaky into your bathroom library, and see what happens when your friends and family go in there.

Cartoon Loonacy #148

A big huge pile of comics await anyone who is willing to pay the very low annual “dues” (lower than most magazine subscriptions, mind you!) and is willing to submit 3 pages of comics to it per year. Comics that you make for the publication must be sent in bundles of 30 copies, and that’s how the thing is actually compiled for the members to get theirs! (pssst, I make all my copies for free thanks to my local library membership perk). Inquire with George Erling if you want in at straykatstuff at hotmail DOT com.

This issue is a big Charles Brubaker parade as he wraps up a storyline with his Fuzzy Princess characters. Then he includes a bunch of storyboards for his cartoons. I skipped these and just watched the cartoons on YouTube, and they are phenomenal! Also included was a 12 page digest-sized comic called “Goblins of Fortune” also by Charles Brubaker. The guy really gives a lot to his Loonacy clubmates. Michael Kraiger’s one page made me do a triple-take. All is not revealed unless you really look and stare at the image he drew for some time. It’s quite a trip! Other notable comics are by Tom Cherry, George Erling, and Gary Fields.

Also included with the “brick” is a mini comic by Gary Fields called “Them Damn McGee Brothers!” and a digest-sized wonder called “Jammed Comix & More.” This 20 page wonder is an absolute work of art. Not sure if this was just sent to me because I was a new member or if everyone got one, but I absolutely loved it. Includes pages and pages of jammed comix that several great cartoonists collaborated on for the “Life Goes Up” jamboree including Mark Campos, Jim Siergey, Delaine Derry Green, Bill Shut, and more.

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