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GENU Volumes 1 and 2 are each 56-page, black and white, Sci-Fi comics written by Tommaso Todesca, Alex Franquelli, and Giulio Srubek-Tomassy with art by Aleksandra Fastovets and lettering by Francesca Colasanti. Published by Markosia Enterprises.

Settle in for some well thought out storytelling and superb art as the science fiction saga GENU takes you a world away in these 100+ pages spread across two volumes and two planets!

The creative forces behind GENU tell and illustrate an intriguing and smartly written tale of a future where technological advancements have propelled humankind into a spacefaring species. These planet hopping colonists now inhabit Mercury and harvest energy for earth. During a routine mission catastrophe strikes and soon a trio of colonists find themselves under scrutiny, along with an unexpected guest!

Anthropology, bureaucracy, and science all contribute to this intelligently told story in such a way as to give it a believable foundation that grabs the imagination! The characters are written and drawn as diverse individuals, each with their own history and motivation, although not completely revealed. The central story has several tendrils that reach out in different directions involving different characters, but at no time becomes confusing. In fact the complexity of the story makes this series an absorbing read, and it’s complimented by exciting and gorgeous art!

You can venture into the future with GENU at and and find more at and and and

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