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Here’s Five for Friday from the Flu Factory, courtesy of Everett Gee! Each of these funky funnies are black and white, pocket sized mini-comics printed on colored paper or cardstock, and 12-16 pages. All written and illustrated by Everett Gee and published by the Flu Factory.

Everett Gee slings the ink in the most eye-pleasing of ways! His attention to detail and uncompromising love of the lewd is on full display! Rats, sun turds, magic spells, Siamese twin piss, and hot dawgs, it’s all here! If you dig old-school underground comix, then these raunchy little rags are for YOU! Sex, filth, and the down trodden all mix together in this crucible of carnal compositions! Check out Everett Gee’s Flu Factory at and get your grimy paws on Everett’s KNUCKLEHEADS (previously reviewed here) at

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