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Echoes of the Triumphant #0 is a 28-page, full color, futuristic Sci-Fi/Fantasy comic written and created by Pat Murphy, illustrated by Jarrod Bezzina, cover by Greg Woronchak, lettered by Michael McAdam, additional lettering by Zen, design/redux layout by Dominic Bercier, and edited by Alexi Kott. Published by Reverb Comics.

Just as an up and coming fighter gets his shot at grandeur, an accident changes everything. An explosion at a chemical plant kills thousands and mutates others. The mutated gain abilities that make them more desirable for certain jobs, while the non-mutated survivors are left to fill the more mundane jobs. The once champion fighter with a promising future now finds himself just another lackey in a suit with a low opinion of the mutated, but a chance encounter changes his view of things. Soon the fighter becomes a defender of the victimized, but then a mysterious figure takes notice!

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