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Doppelganger #1 of 4

Doppelganger #1 of 4 is a 24-page, full color, horror-suspense comic created, written, and colored by Jordan Hart with pencils and inks by Emmanuel Xerx Javier. Published by Alterna Comics.

A middle-aged family man in a monotonous job with an irritating boss is involved in a car accident. He walks away with a mild concussion, but things only get worse. While trying to clear the cobwebs from his head he returns home only to find a much unexpected guest waiting for his return!

This is an original story that can go in so many directions it’s impossible to predict. The build-up unfolds smoothly in a believable way that provides no indication of where the story is going. The dialogue between the characters flows naturally and is just as relatable as the home and work environments are. The artwork does a magnificent job of portraying the story in a realistic setting complete with convincing background details and individual body types for the characters. Combined, the story and art make Doppelganger a uniquely entertaining comic that grabs the reader’s imagination and doesn’t let go!

You can find Doppelganger at or at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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