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Copy That 51For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Copy That! #51! This issue is an 8-page, B&W info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts.

Change is in the air! Last issue Blake said changes were coming and here they are! First up is the name. Copy This! is now Copy That! Next is the size. This issue is a traditional 8-pager, and there ain’t no interview! Yep, Blake opens with his usual note to readers and then we jump right into the news and info section! Blake does mention that the interviews will continue and a younger group of creators outside the Newave and Obscuro crowd will be the focus! But, that’s not all! Also included with this issue of Copy That! are two minicomics! D. Blake Werts Presents We Said That?, an 8-page mini by Blake and Bob Vojtko, and Tom Brinkmann’s 16-page Squint #5!

In the community news and info section we’re treated to offerings from: Alan Sisson (Sizzo-Link’s Weekly Spotlight); Andy Nukes (The Andy Nukes Newsletter); Bob Vojtko (Butrum Beaver); Charles Brubaker (Ask a Cat); Everett Rand (Mineshaft); George Erling (Cartoon Loonacy); Keith O’Brien (Weekly Hero); Lara (Jungian Shadow Work Applied Towards Futanari Hantai); Matt Jones (Free For A Reason); and Robert Pasternak (Acid Man Society).

To get your hands on Copy This! and for more info contact:

D. Blake Werts

12339 Chesley Drive

Charlotte, NC 28277

or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net

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