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You might know him from his 80’s mini comics such as Without Fire or New Twist Comics, but what’s happening now? Gator Town.

I received 2 minis (5.5×4.25, 8p each) of this title, and they are all “newspaper funnies” style comics about alligators. And I have to say, of all the ways to read short comics like these, the mini comics format is my favorite. I would love to just see stacks and stacks of comics like these sitting in my dentist’s office. Wouldn’t that be just the best dentist ever? But I digress. Back to Gator Town! I’ve never gotten very close to an alligator before to know if Clark’s interpretation of them is accurate or not, but if they’re anything like crocodiles, then I’m qualified. What are my qualifications, you ask? I sat on a crocodile once. It had a hard back just like a turtle! Now I know you’re wondering … why would anyone want to sit o a crocodile? Because it was a thing to do – a tourist attraction in Burkina Faso. They dangled a dead chicken in front of a crocodile, and if it didn’t snap at it, then the guide would lead you to come and sit on the croc’s back for a photo opp. So there, I’m the right reviewer for this, wouldn’t you say? Now, back to Gator Town! My favorite joke is the one with the parrot.

You can reach Clark for these titles at Box 1 Riverton, NE 68972.

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