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Cactus Planet No. 3 is a 36-page, black and white (with color covers), pocket size, mini-comic, gag cartoon anthology edited by Tom Scarecrow.

Accompanying Cactus Planet is ¡Sombreros from Outer Space!, a 12-page, black and white, mostly silent, pocket size mini-comic written and illustrated by Jamie Crespo.

Cactus Planet features a plethora of mostly single panel prickly puns from a ginormous list of cartoony creators. The guilty parties are: Betty Jewel; B. Deets; Jim Siergey; Ozone A.; Tom Scarecrow; George Erling; E. Buzzizyk; Carol Pond; Marc Myers; Gary Fields; Matt Feazell; Wayne Gibson; Carrie McNinch; Jaime Crespo; Jerry Sims; Andrew Goldfarb; Steve Lafler; John Porcellino; Cowboy Brut; Delaine Green; Clark Dissmeyer; Mike Hill; Kelly Froh; Jim Mackey; Joel Orff; Rani Goel; Sean Bieri; Max Clotfelter; Billy McKay; and Chad Woody (hope I didn’t miss anybody).

As a fellow cartoonist I’m really impressed with how many cactus cartoons these folks were able to come up with! The wit and cartooning skills in this mini are something to behold! With so many different styles on display I found myself lost in studying how each contributor constructed their gag and drew their cartoon. Great stuff full of funny gags and awesome art!

Then Jaime Crespo offers up a long form gag comic with ¡Sombreros from Outer Space! In this mini Jaime serves up one funny possible explanation for how the saguaro cactus came to be the desert feature it is today. With very few words Jamie manages to tell a truly unique story through superb art and flawless pacing! Another cartooning treat for the eyes!

You can find more from Jaime Crespo at and you can reach Tom Scarecrow by old fashioned postal mail at:

Tom Scarecrow

130 Short Street

Butler, PA 16001

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