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The shape-shifting name-elusive obscuro art champion Buzz Buzzizyk just dropped a brand new mini comic called “Harold th’ Armadillo – Existential Crisis!” This is how it’s done, folks. A traditional 4 page mini made from a single sheet of paper, and it rawwwwwks. I laughed and learned about armadillos, and there’s even a non sequitur “did you know” last page that included a piece of info that helped me understand a joke someone sent me the other day via tik tok. Get this… the completely analogue Buzz Buzzizyk unbeknownst to himself, let me in on the inside scoop about a joke that he had no idea I was struggling to understand that the kids these days are circulating. Amazing. You can, of course, write to Buzz through the mail to get this new mini, and the only way to do that is to disconnect from the internet and join the papernet. Hurry up and do it already, y’all! Dump this online influencer-centric crap. You have my permission to treat this as a hostile blog entry against itself and all blog entries. And so … if you do, send Buzz a postage stamp or a buck, and I’m sure you’ll get the mini. Give it a bit of time to get to you since his mail is being forwarded to a temporary address. Buzz Buzzizyk is okay with me publishing his home address, but I’m not, so I’ll just leave this review up for all the scrolling-heads to wonder what it’s like to be living the dream off the grid.

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