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Three from The Bubblegum Dada Corporation: The Ballad of Benji Muldoon; The Donor; & Tutti-Frutti.

The Ballad of Benji Muldoon is a 4-page poem that tells the tale of a very thin and small man that lived freely in a crack in the wall, until the day the tax collector paid a call!

The Donor is a 24-page script about an aristocratic fellow that decides to do his duty for Queen and Country by contributing his high-bred seminal fluid to the rapidly declining genepool, but the donation process comes with some unforeseen stipulations!

Tutti-Frutti is an 8-pager consisting of six short tales about some very unusual people. Among the assortment are the Mustachioed Sister of the Lord, a man with edible farts, and the unfortunate Boatman!

You can delve into the delightful delirium of The Bubblegum Dada Corporation at:

The B.D.C.
c/o 15 Dartington Walk

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