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Blood and Drugs is a 176-page, black and white interior with full color cover, standard size comic written and illustrated by Lance Ward. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

Lance Ward tells a tragic story about real life struggles with addiction and all the unforeseen consequences of one man’s fateful decision. Through the pages we’re introduced to an assortment of interesting characters living on the fringes of society. We’re brought into their worlds through the eyes of the main character as he rubs shoulders and exchanges grasps at happiness with each of them. Through it all the gravitational force of defeat continues to pull everyone down into the shadows of addiction and despair with only the saving grace of friendship, comics, and music providing a glimmer of something more worth reaching for.

Lance brings a raw realness to the self-loathing and disillusionment of the story with his rough and bold artwork. The heavy lines, sparse backgrounds, and subtle character details combine to establish a believable world in which this tale takes place. It quickly becomes easy to relate to the main character, Buster, and all of his acquaintances as the people you see every day walking the streets of your own city. The people you may not talk to, or even make eye contact with, but you know they are there and you wonder what their story is. Within the pages of Blood and Drugs Lance Ward offers you a chance to find out, and what a fascinating and gripping story it is!

You can walk the streets and visit the halfway houses with Buster in Blood and Drugs at and find more from Birdcage Bottom Books at

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