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The Big Sheep

The Big Sheep is a 20-page, Black & White, anthropomorphic noir one-shot comic written by Andre Mateus with illustrations and letters by Rahil Mohsin. Published by VMComics.

It’s just another day of trying to get by for a hardboiled tortoise P.I. with money problems named Slow Spade. Enter an ex-lamb chop girlfriend named Linda with a little kidnapping problem, and the pieces of a “who done it” scenario start falling into place. Soon a rabbit with sticky paws that runs with bad bunnies, a goat that’s handy with a hammer, and a mad dog sniffing around the crime scene complete the picture. Slow Spade might not be the quickest, but for a buck he’ll tighten the screws until all the pigeons sing!

Andre and Rahil deliver a top-notch, fun crime noir comic that perfectly blends art and story! The characters and situations are a spoof of the old hardboiled detective stories, only this time everyone is literally an animal! The story stays true to the genre it pays homage to and it plays the characters straight, not over doing any of them for comedic effect. The main character, Slow Spade, really captures the essence of the no-nonsense, tougher than leather private eye, and making him a chain-smoking wrinkled tortoise is a stroke of genius! Rahil’s bold lines and heavy shadows brings a cold and dramatic element to the pages that frame the otherwise cutesy animals in a bleak city landscape ripe with crime. Characters and backgrounds are all given great attention to detail as is page compositions, lettering, and text boxes and balloons. Visually this comic is a delight with something fun and interesting to offer in every panel!

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