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Alter-Life #s 1-5 are a series of full-color, science fiction adventure comics written and created by Caleb Thusat with art by Katrina Kunstmann. Published by Village Comics.

Following an accident that killed his wife and daughter, Jake discovers he cannot die. He can be killed, but he always awakes to find himself in some sort of alternate life. Throughout his numerous dying and resurrections, Jake continues to search for his lost family. Unfortunately the ordeal only seems to bring him closer to his personal demons and regrets while leaving him to question the very essence of existence.

But all is not what Jake perceives it to be. In fact there is a much grander force at work behind the scenes! Will Jake ever escape his many worlds and find the family he thinks he has lost? Who or what is pulling the strings that continue to tangle Jake’s life and why? The answers are revealed across the first four issues of Alter-life!

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