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Zine-ology Report, The Collectors Link, The Imagination Link … they are all linked to Alan Sissom! You have to draw a venn diagram to figure out what the different purposes of all these publications serve, and at times, Sissom himself seems to be re-configuring his own understanding of their various purposes. Here’s how it shakes down at the moment:

Zine-ology Report #4

This is a 32 page black and white mini publication that Alan uses to review fanzines. The difference between this and his Collectors Link zine is that it’s smaller and cheaper to produce and distribute, and the only content is review content. It’s a fantastic resource if you are into fanzines and mini comics and get Alan Sissom’s take on things. He provides nice reproductions of sample work and contact information for each zine he reviews. In this issue, you’ll also get a glimpse into Alan’s opinions about the benefits that APA’s offer such as the UFO and some letters he’s received. $2.00 4.25 x 5.5 b&W mini.

The Wild Worlds of Tisch! #2

Larry Tisch sent me a crap ton of comix when I was making AFTER THAT!, and I imagine Alan gets the same amount of comix created on envelopes from him as well. Here’s a second issue full of those wacky comics featuring stick figure cowboys, flies, geometrical shapes (some well endowed), and other critters all talking at a bar and having a drink. Look out for those sheet metal workers though. In the back, Tisch shows off his actual talent for drawing the human form as he renders various poses just by drawing the directional movement of the spine. When people say, “I can’t even draw a stick figure,” Tisch is a cartoonist that shows why drawing stick figures is actually pretty hard to do. And hey … maybe now I know where to send all of the Tisch comics I didn’t end up publishing. Alan, look out! 28 pages. $2.00. 4.25 x 5.5 black and white mini comic.

The Twilight Zine #1

Here Alan publishes a zine mainly put together by Jim Main. It’s a tribute to Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone.” Jim begins the zine with an editorial that sounds a lot like the beginning of a Twilight Zone episode, only it’s Jim Main who is about to enter that strange reality. It follows fan art of the show by artists such as George Lane III, Marc Haines, Rusty Gilligan, Verl Holt Bond, Brad Foster, and more. 16 pages. $1.50. 4.25 x 5.5 black and white mini comic.

You can get these and other media from the Sissom “Mini” Group at P.O. Box 842, Greenwood, IN46142.

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