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It’s Mini-Comic Monday with two Micro-Minis from Michael Neno! Here’s a look at After Hours He-Man Antics and Spaces Each is a full-color, micro-mini, featuring 24 pages and 20 pages respectfully, of creative storytelling from Michael Neno with art from Matt Baker, AL Camy, John Celardo, Sid Check, Joe Orlando, Lionel N. March, Lew Segron, and Bernie Wiest.

Using remixed public domain graphics, Michael tells two very different stories. In After Hours He-Man Antics we’re thrown into a war zone where soldiers’ blow-up crocodiles, air drop alligators, fight felines, bomb jaywalkers, and defend against jerky devouring dogs!

Then, in the silent comic Spaces, a breakfast cereal bee helps a prisoner escape via the power of sugary goodness! Their flight to freedom takes them across an ancient Roman aqueduct and into the face of a giant flower all while being pursued by angry guards and a fighter aircraft!

Action, adventure, and absolute amazingness await in the micro-minis from Michael Neno, and you can get them at!!!

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