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So Buttons No.11 and is a 24-page, full color, digest size, autobiographical comic written by Jonathan Baylis and illustrated by November Garcia, A.T. Pratt, B. Mure, Garrett Gilchrist, Andy Rash, Phil Elliott, T.J. Kirsch, Fred Hembeck, Jeff Zapata (with Letters by Rick Parker and Colors by Adam Walmsley), Rick Parker, Maria and Peter Hoey, and Lucas Eisenberg-Baylis. Front Cover homage to Basil Wolverton by Jim Rugg and Back Cover by Miss Lasko Gross. Published by Tinto Press.

The pages of So Buttons No.11 are filled with personal stories about the life of writer Jonathan Baylis. Various artists take turns graphically telling Jonathan’s story, each bringing their own unique style to a variety of entertaining and intriguing events. The tales run the gamut of the joys of drinking whiskey to fulfilling a Make-A-Wish promise. Through all of the stories a sense of who Jonathan is comes across clearly building a complete picture of the man and offering a glimpse into his world. The altering art styles breakup the comic into distinctive pieces while at the same time maintaining a shared vision of storytelling.

The most touching piece for me was one involving actor John Cleese and a Make-A-Wish child. However, my favorite of the collection was one detailing Jonathan’s fandom and professional association with Topps Trading Cards. This piece spans Jonathan’s life from early childhood summers spent with his grandmother to his working adulthood years. I think I enjoyed this story most because of the breadth of the storytelling squeezed so elegantly into so few pages. Brilliantly done!

Every story in So Buttons No.11 is an interesting and entertaining read backed up with fun and well done art! You can join the fun and get your hands on So Buttons at and and find more at and and

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